Colorado Real Estate Buyer Rebate!!

Colorado Real Estate Buyer Rebate!!

You might be able to save 1% on buying your real estate. It adds up…

How does this work? It’s really simple. You just ask us to be your buyer’s agent. This is good for you because you’re making a large investment and it’s good to have someone looking out for your interests.

You’ll sign a simple Buyer’s Agency Agreement which specifies us as your Buyer’s Agent or Transaction Broker. If the real estate commission offered to us as your representative is 2.5% or greater, we will give you a rebate of 1% of the co-op commission offered to the Buyer’s Agent or Transaction Broker, as a credit toward your closing costs at the time of closing.

Imagine what you can do with 1%! !!

-You might have enough money leftover to

-buy new furniture for your new house,

-remodel the bathroom,

-refurbish the flooring and cabinets.

The list is endless! Call us to chat about the process. We’re happy to help!

Caveat: This offer is only valid on the sale of a home over $100,000 and not valid on vacant land or any leases.

Of course, this 1% Buyer’s Rebate works for our own listings. Click here to see what we have right now!